Translator Николай

Translator and Editor


  • Ukrainian (native)
  • Russian (native)
  • English


  • Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Interpreting
  • DTP
  • Tutoring

Areas of specialisation

  • Technical
  • Social Sciences & Literature
  • IT & Networks
  • Business & Finance
Nikolay is part of the MaxiWord team. Managers, editors and typesetters work together with him to ensure the highest quality of translation. Our task is to create the most comfortable environment for the translator by providing him with translation environment, auxiliary materials, technical tools, dictionaries and glossaries so that he can concentrate only on the translation process without thinking about technical difficulties and payment. He is not alone: a team actively assists him in the translation process. He has someone to turn to for advice and tips. His work will be thoroughly checked, edited and the final file will be formatted to match the original. Upon completion, the translation will be proofread by an in-house proofreader and sent back to the translator for confirmation/rejection of changes. Alexander Saksonov, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at MaxiWord, is personally responsible for the translation quality.

Сегодня лучше, чем вчера.

Опытный переводчик (англ-рус-укр) в таких сферах как: стандартная, юридическая, финансовая, техническая, научно-образовательная, публицистическая и т.д.
В течении 5ти лет работал начальником отдела переводов/переводчиком документации при Визовом центре Италии. База выполненых переводов на постоянном месте работы - боле 10 000 документов.
Работаю быстро и качественно. Владею большой скоростью набора текста.
В разговорном английском практически отсутствует акцент. Речь свободная, правильная.